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In our studio waxing is done effectively and painlessly by our experienced therapists. In order to achieve the best possible result we use specialized cloths and a variety of high quality waxes depending on the sensitivity of the application area.

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Duration: 55′ BodyWork is a special type of treatment, which is infusing the Therapists knowledge of Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Pressure Points and Chakras, together with a little touch of healing properties from their background years of experience.

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Duration: 55’ Massage of your body, giving particular attention to the hands and feet. A head and scalp massage is the finishing touch, with a mixture of aromatherapy oils of your preference. These oils are known to be beneficial for the human body especially if they are used through massaging. They will offer you relaxation, [...]

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Back Neck and Shoulders massage

Duration: 30’ On this massage the attention goes to your back, neck and your shoulders. These parts are usually the most worn out and/or tired parts of our body. Offer yourself relaxation and a pain free back.

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Sports massage

Duration: 55’ Deep tissue massage specifically appropriate for athletes that have been exercising hard or for whoever has worked his muscles more than normal. It will increase the muscle’s agility, elasticity and recovery time.

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Full Body massage

Duration: 55’ Fifty five minutes of relaxation for the whole body. Ideal for those that need to relax and leave behind the stress of everyday working life.

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Pilates and Injuries

Although in previous blogs I have mentioned how sweaty and hard Pilates can be, I have to also mention that it can be as kind and gentle when it is for the best interest of the person that is being taught. Being injury prone as a person myself due to very flexible and loose ligaments [...]

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Classical Pilates is original and true to the system Joe Pilates developed from the early 1900's until his death in December 1967. Pilates is a method based upon the natural state of the body and spine, honouring its natural curves and movements. You will find Pilates in your daily life, whether you are sitting on [...]

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Tower Lessons

Duration 55' Persons: maximum 4 Tower Lessons are a great way to work out in a Semi Private environment, using Springs, Pullies and bars to stabilize the movement and connect into the body deepening the senses of the core and stabilization effectively and safely.

March 20th, 2016|0 Comments

Mat class

Duration: 55’ Persons: Up to 10persons max Our mat classes are held on an everyday scheduled basis. The maximum number of persons in each class is 10, keeping the Teacher to trainee ratio low for a more efficient and safe workout. The Mat work is based on the original Pilates repertoire and uses for most [...]

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