Pilates and Injuries

Although in previous blogs I have mentioned how sweaty and hard Pilates can be, I have to also mention that it can be as kind and gentle when it is for the best interest of the person that is being taught. Being injury prone as a person myself due to very flexible and loose ligaments [...]

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Classical Pilates is original and true to the system Joe Pilates developed from the early 1900's until his death in December 1967. Pilates is a method based upon the natural state of the body and spine, honouring its natural curves and movements. You will find Pilates in your daily life, whether you are sitting on [...]

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The Pilates Method

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany, 1883. His name is of Greek derivation (Pilatu) but was changed to Pilates. As a child, he suffered from rickets, rheumatic fever and asthma. For this reason, his parents as well as himself when older, started to study, analyze and create new forms of exercises that he later called [...]

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