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Tower Lessons

Duration 55' Persons: maximum 4 Tower Lessons are a great way to work out in a Semi Private environment, using Springs, Pullies and bars to stabilize the movement and connect into the body deepening the senses of the core and stabilization effectively and safely.

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Mat class

Duration: 55’ Persons: Up to 10persons max Our mat classes are held on an everyday scheduled basis. The maximum number of persons in each class is 10, keeping the Teacher to trainee ratio low for a more efficient and safe workout. The Mat work is based on the original Pilates repertoire and uses for most [...]

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Double Personal Training

Duration: 55’ Persons: 2 Two persons can exercise simultaneously using all the apparatus of our Pilates studio under the constant guidance of our trainer. Share the experience with a loved one and a friend. Doubles training are also lessons that can be be booked at your own time and day to suit your needs.

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Personal Training

Duration: 55’ Personal Training is done at your own time and day, in the discrete second floor studio, which is fully equipped with Classical apparatus, and offers its own Private Bathroom and Shower Area. Personal Training is important for giving the right attention to your individual needs and weaknesses, building on your strengths and reaching [...]

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