My first time..

//My first time..

My first time..

My first acquaintance with Pilates was in England in 2000. I was a fitness instructor and personal trainer at the time in a local gym, and this sudden craze of something called “Pilates” has started spreading throughout the UK and of course being a curious and “I want to teach everything” instructor at the time I thought i should attend a class and check it out.

I have to admit…..I hated it!!!!…we were laying on some yoga mats throughout the whole lesson.So much breathing!Ribs in…ribs out!…holding positions for long periods of time…I was frustrated!What a nightmare! I WANTED TO MOVE!

So i tried it a few times, in case I got the hang of it. Of course I didn’t. So I decided “Pilates” was NOT FOR ME!
8 years later and I moved back to Greece, working in the summer in Paros island as a massage therapist and personal trainer. Doing all these wonderful sports, and being constantly active in my life, and with a very demanding job lifting heavy weights and moving all the time I ended up with a very painful back.. The MRI came back with 3 slipped discs in the Lumbar Spine. I was shocked. Disappointed. In Pain.

My Physiotherapist said to me: Keren, you need to change your way of living, and you need to start thinking of what you can do work wise that will help you rather than punish your body…why not try Pilates??
UGH! i thought!…I tried it once in England….I didn’t like it. So I left the clinic, still thinking about his words. Now, as I was desperate, I thought to myself i should give it another go…but if I was going to do it right, i wanted to find the best available in Greece. Reading an article in a fitness magazine that evening that was written by the Greek Pilates Association President at the time (fate hits me on the head?!), I decide to give her a call. A month later im in Athens and arrange to go to her Studio, and walking in I am left with my mouth wide open in ore!

This funky, a little old fashioned, vintage style apparatus, nothing like Ive ever seen in a gym before. Whats that???? I asked. I hadn’t even heard of Pilates equipment! I thought it was swiss balls, bands, bricks, where as in fact, these were never used by Joe or anyone else in his studio. They were introduced many years after his death!

So this was enough to intrigue me into doing a lesson… The rest is history! I am now an official Pilates nerd, honoring the Classical Pilates system at its true intentions!

And the great thing, is that its not caught up on breathing (unless necessary for an individuals need), no ribs in and out, no holding positions and standing still! YES! ITS MOVEMENT! ITS FLOWING THOUGHTFUL MOVEMENT! IT CAN BE CARDIO! IT CAN BE TOUGH! IT CAN BE SWEATY!….AND MOST OF ALL…ITS SAFE AND ITS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!

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