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Keren Patzia is the host for many Workshops and Teacher Training Certifications that happen throughout the year in Greece. These Workshops are about teaching Classical Pilates in depth, and for students to understand the reasoning behind Joe Pilates System and approach.

The Classical Pilates approach is a mindful yet simple approach of teaching, giving time for the client to explore their own body by simple and efficient teaching, allowing them to learn and observe their own movements and changes.


Coming Up…

Classical Pilates Convention, Athens


Keren Patzia (Stretch Pilates, Paros) and Sophia Voutsina (The Real Work, Athens) have teamed up and are proud to present the first Classical Pilates Convention in Greece!

Presenters: Dana Santi, Tony Balongo, Gloria Gasperi

Dates: 24/25th November 2018

Venue: The Olympic Stadium, Athens



Two days workshop 550euros

Early Bird two days offer 480euros 

One day workshop: 280euros

Early Bird one day offer 250euros 

*Early bird payment by the 1st October 2018

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Saturday Schedule

  • Teach the body-not the manual – Dana Santi / Morning Mat (group lesson) – Tony Balongo
  • Barrels – Gloria Gasperi
  • Lunch Break
  • The Back Connection – Tony Balongo
  • The hands and the feet – Dana Santi
  • Imbalances – Gloria Gasperi

Sunday Schedule

  • Out of the Box – Dana Santi / Morning Mat (group lesson) – Gloria Gasperi
  • Pilates for Men – Tony Balongo
  • Lunch Break
  • Pilates and Sports – Gloria Gasperi
  • Reformer on the Wunda – Dana Santi
  • Connecting over the head – Tony Balongo

All workshops have a 2hour duration, starting at 8.30am and finish at 7.30pm

Please book your privates/group lessons upfront to avoid dissapointment! These will be running throughout the day depending on availability!

(Privates and Group lessons are not included in price). To book a lesson please email us info@stretchpilates.gr






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For purchasing demo equipment with special rates please visit the Conventions page and use code Athens2018.


Previous Workshops…


Pilates for Athletes with Jacqueline Martin


Jacqueline started Bodybuilding in 1992-1994. She was also a boxer, running hurdles, a dedicated swimmer, and went to nationals in basketball.
She was a professional triathlete specialized in racing Ironmen.
She was Top 15 in the world Ironman, Hawaii, 2nd in Ironman penticton, Canada and winner of NB 1/2 Ironman, Canada. She competed for 10 years all around, and 8 years as a professional athlete.
Jacqueline says “I knew then that one day I would continue with my sports, and when I retired my coach (and best friend) advised me to become a Pilates Teacher.. and the rest is history!”
She was chosen to enter THE WORK mentorship programme with elder Jay Grimes at Vintage Pilates LA, and since then has been spreading the Classical Work and her knowledge throughout the world.


Workshop Schedule:

Day 1

*Watching the body move
*Choosing individual needs

Day 2

*Foundation for Sports
*Men and Sports

2 Day workshop 350euros (early bird payment by the 01/05) or 400euros after.
1 Day workshop 200euros (early bird payment by the 01/05) or 220euros after.



Make it simple.


This Workshop is for teachers who want to simplify their teaching, but stay to the point. Teach the client to move and listen to their body. Learn to observe and understand their needs without interfering.

@TheRealWork, Kifissia, Athens

Time: 12pm

Cost: 50euros

Contact Keren on 6942788265 to book your space, or for a private lesson on the day.


Back 2 Basics workshop  


Date: 26/11/2017, 10am-2pm

Venue: The Real Work Pilates studio, Kifissia, Athens, Greece

Cost: 50euros


This workshop is designed to help teachers understand the exercises in the method itself, depending on the body they see in front of them. It will help refine teaching awareness, touch and ability to translate sensations into effective queuing. Back to Basics is for all levels, from Basic to Advanced teaching and is a powerful tool to challenge all clients appropriately.




Cadillac and Wunda Chair Workshop

Date: 6th of March 2016

Venue: Kineasthesis, Neo Psyhiko, Athens

Cost: 160€ Early Booking before 20th February. (190€ after that).

Learn the exercises on each apparatus in this one day workshop, deepening your understanding of why and when we should utilize these important tools for our clients individual needs. Keren will also be explaining the sensations found in each exercise and the importance of the Two Way Stretch.



Mat Certification Program 2016

Date: 9th and 10th April, 16th and 17th April, and 14th and 15th May

Venue: Cosmos Pilates Studio, Nea Smyrni, Athens

Cost: 580€ for all three weekends or 230€ per weekend course (Certification of Attendance only given when 100hr are completed)

This Certification Program lasts 3 weekends and 100 hours training in total. It will teach you the whole Classical Mat Repertoire combining the alternative approach to each exercise to suit individual needs. You will be able to confidently understand the reasoning behind the repertoire and the flow of movement, the two way stretch, and the composition of a class environment when teaching beginners or more advanced clients. An examination will be held at the completion of the 100hours, and a Certification through Keren will be received.



Dates: 23rd,24th,25th of September 2016

Venue: Stretch, Naousa Paros, Greece

Cost: 450€ for the Weekend

We are very excited to announce that for the first time Vintage Pilates of Los Angeles will be our guests for a three day Workshop. Friday will be an open day for Private/Semi Private/Group  lessons and Bodywork.

This workshop will refine your senses, decode your Mat and apparatus Work, and allow your personal skills to develop as a Teacher and in your own practice.

Lessons and Bodywork booked at extra costs. Please contact Keren or Stretch for more info.


Workshop Schedule


Private-Group lessons & Bodywork


9:00-10:00 Vintage Pilates Classs (Max 10 persons)

10:00-13:00 Vintage Pilates Fundamentals

13:00-14:00 Break

14:00-16:30 Improve your Teaching


9:00-10:00 Mat Class

10:00-13:00 Independence VS Dependence

13:00-14:00 Break

14:00-16:30 Stability VS Mobility

Don’t forget to reserve your space for the VP, Mat, Group lessons or Privates.


Workshop Topics

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF VINTAGE PILATES An overview of the fundamental principles practiced at Vintage Pilates. Sandy will touch upon concepts that may not have been emphasized in other Pilates programs, to give you a deeper examination of Joe Pilates’ philosophy. We will go over the two-way stretch, movement and flow, and other concepts that are usually explored in-depth, in our other workshops. This is an opportunity to get it all at once—so you can make the connections and get a broad, comprehensive understanding of our approach to Pilates.

IMPROVE YOUR TEACHING This workshop is designed to help you develope your own voice as a teacher. One of the most important skills to develop is observation. This workshop will help you practice observing the body before you so that you can better analyze and intuit what your student needs. As a teacher you should be able to see asymmetries, dysfunction, weakness, tightness, etc. so that you know how to guide your student to be more balanced, functional, strong and mobile in all their movements. Take this opportunity to sharpen your teaching and practice in community with other teachers.

INDEPENDENCE VS. DEPENDENCE We want what’s best for our clients but have we set up a learning environment that holds them back? If your clients rely on you so much that they aren’t moving fluidly through their workouts, aren’t familiar with their exercises or equipment, or haven’t developed an awareness of their bodies, something needs to change. Some of you are ready for this change but aren’t sure how to implement it. Building independence in your students starts with your teaching. In this mini workshop Sandy will share the processes that she found most effective in promoting independence in her students, and in the studio overall.

STABILITY AND MOBILITY Pilates teaches the body to move efficiently by stabilizing your Center so you can move with greater freedom and control. Learn how Joe’s system of exercise challenges to skillfully change your point of stability against gravity through your workout. At the same time, you will experience greater freedom as you move your body in all directions.