Pilates is a safe, fun and effective workout, integrating your mind and body connection. Through movement, postural changes will happen to your body and bad habits will be broken through correct alignment, utilizing the Classical Pilates system. This specific repertoire and exercises on the Mat and Apparatus, will strengthen and stretch at the same time all your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Give your body the fuel and understanding it needs for daily activities, feel lighter, longer, more flexible and strong!

“Contrology (Classical Pilates) is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work.”
Joseph Pilates

Feel the Classical Pilates in you!…

Pilates Is A Way Of Life

Find your own Pilates workout


Tower Lessons

Duration 55′ Persons: maximum 4

Tower Lessons are a great way to work out in a Semi Private environment, using Springs, Pullies and bars to stabilize the movement and connect into the body deepening the senses of the core and stabilization effectively and safely.

Mat class

Duration: 55’ Persons: Up to 10persons max

Our mat classes are held on an everyday scheduled basis. The maximum number of persons in each class is 10, keeping the Teacher to trainee ratio low for a more efficient and safe workout. The Mat work is based on the original Pilates repertoire and uses for most of the lesson your own body weight and gravity. Usage of some Pilates accessories such as the magic circle, balls, bands and foam rollers are sometimes added to help for modifications or add resistance. Remember to book your mat spot in advance!

Double Personal Training

Duration: 55’ Persons: 2

Two persons can exercise simultaneously using all the apparatus of our Pilates studio under the constant guidance of our trainer. Share the experience with a loved one and a friend. Doubles training are also lessons that can be be booked at your own time and day to suit your needs.

Personal Training

Duration: 55’
Personal Training is done at your own time and day, in the discrete second floor studio, which is fully equipped with Classical apparatus, and offers its own Private Bathroom and Shower Area. Personal Training is important for giving the right attention to your individual needs and weaknesses, building on your strengths and reaching your body into a healthy personalized and efficient workout. Personal lessons are excellent for injuries, pregnancies, athletes that want to be specific for their favorite sport, elders, or just people that want to have their own rhythm in their workout or discretion.




Keren Patzia has been in the Fitness Industry since the year 2000, where she had completed her studies in various school throughout the UK, such as Premier Training, YMCA, and Schwinn.
Upon her return to Greece in 2007, her severe back injury led her to further her fitness knowledge into a more therapeutic approach, and committed to Pilates.
Keren studied comprehensively 600hours with Power Pilates NY in Athens with Evgenia Papadopoulou
She has attended Modern and Classical Pilates Conventions and Workshops in Greece, Los Angeles, Italy and Great Britain with Presenters from all over the world, such as Karen Frischmann, Sandy Shimoda, Kathy Ross Nash and Jay Grimes just to name a few.
She finally met her match with her mentors Jay Grimes (First Generation Teacher, also known as an "Elder" in Pilates), Sandy Shimoda (Owner of Vintage Pilates LA, California, vintagepilates.com), and Karen Frischmann (Master Trainer of Vintage Pilates).
Keren was chosen to complete "The Work" in 2015 through Vintage Pilates, a one years, intense and very selected Master Training Program, with only 12 candidates from all over the world each year. She is now committed in passing on through Jays words of wisdom, teaching and philosophy, just as the original intentions were on the Method in Joe's studio back then.

Since then, she has been passing on her knowledge, teaching in Athens and Paros to Classical and Contemporary instructors, and will be hosting in collaboration with Sofia Voutsina (TheRealWork Pilates Studio, Athens, Kifissia) the first Classical Pilates Convention in November 2018.

“Reflecting on all I have learned, I continue to take private lessons with teachers that inspire me and help me truly understand the system Joe created. Pilates is like an equation..the numbers have to add up to make sense!”





Christina Constantinou since a young age was into sports, being an endurance track runner where she excelled and won several distinctions. Throughout her life, she has been trying out any sport that caught her attention (tennis, snow and water skiing, basketball, snowboarding, surfing and many more) Nevertheless, her studies and subsequently her career took to a completely opposite direction. For multiple years, she worked in the field of marketing, in an enviable position by most professionals of the field. On the contrary, Christina never managed to trick herself into believing that this was her purpose. After countless hours stuck in her office chair, with her eyes staring at the computer screen and her body suffering, she started looking for ways to discharge.

That is how running comes back into her life and long distance and Marathon races enter her routine. After daily training sessions, she listens to her body craving for something more to avoid the contractions running brings to her muscles and Pilates comes into the picture for the first time. Since 2014 her daily routine shapes to be running in the morning, office work during the day and Pilates at night. As the kilometres she run every day add up, so does her anticipation to get off work and practise Pilates. During this period is when her teenage dreams gradually come back into her memory and she realises that these dreams had nothing to do with her career at the time.

A sports tourism trip to the far east, where she socialized with people whose lives revolved around sports, was the final nudge she needed to take the decision to leave everything behind. She started her training in Pilates completing 200 hours Pilates Teacher Training Program Mat Work, 150 hours Pilates Equipment Teacher Training Program and she continued with teaching Pilates in private lessons and small groups. Since then Mondays are no longer the worst day of the week, as every Sunday she can’t wait for another working week to begin.